Digital and fiat currencies

The origins of digital currencies date back to the dot-com bubble and offered a new format for money to be expressed. Internet grew exponentially during that period with e-commerce requiring currencies and a new financial infrastructure. While... Read more →

Blockchain legacy might not be its technology

Blockchain has crypto-anarchism roots dating back the 1980’s with Bitcoin as its flagship. While this technology continues to have strong limitations, alternatives exist that can offer similar solutions without the inconveniences. Blockchain... Read more →
Ant Colony

Digital Biomimicry

This Article was originally published on Biomimicry is the emulation of nature in order to solve grasshopper when it drinks water, it feeds on the grasshopper’s human problems. The Velcro strip, for example,... Read more →
To show Aristotle's face

Animalia digitus

This Article was originally published on Defining the key quality of humans has been a question that has consumed great thinkers across various centuries, but it was Aristotle, the great philosopher who put a milestone... Read more →

Global Pandemics, the new normal?

Death is not a relationship many people in wealthy societies have to deal with. Often set aside for rare events, death is unfortunately unavoidable. Therefore events as we experience today with COVID-19 stand-out for multiple reasons but in... Read more →
Nobel prize medal

Unorthodox insight for adapting the workweek

Based on OCDE reports, the GDP Annual Growth Rate a standard of economic growth since the 1940’s has slowed down within countries of the G20. Trending on average between 0-2% per year. Long are the days where double digits growth rates were... Read more →
Polo players in cars

Waking up to the New Era of Hypercompetition

Sometimes the classics are worth revisiting, take as an example the influential article “Waking up to the New Era of Hypercompetition” written in 1998 by Richard A. D’Aveni and now think about its impact 20 years later, it is still relevant? Briefly,... Read more →
Book cover of Harvard Business Review

Insights of HBR Must Reads 2019

Following the read of “The paradox Strategy” another great source of insights is Harvard’s Business Review Must Reads. Each year the university releases their musts read articles and this year’s insights of HBR Must... Read more →
Fire burning

Social isolation a thermodynamic problem?

Social isolation might be a thermodynamic problem. The concepts of thermodynamics may be applied beyond the realm of chemistry and reveal interesting insights of an issue facing many Western societies. As social isolation could be viewed as... Read more →
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