C/: Six charts you need to see before the big US jobs report tomorrow


The US job report is one of the most famous economic indicators that financial analysts study and analyze. Mostly used to understand the American Economy, many read it as America is the worlds largest economy.

Published every month by the bureau of Labor Statistics from the United States department of Labor, it is unfortunately notorious for being corrected after publication with subsequent data volatility.

As one (of many!) indicator to predict the US Market Conditions, others include “The Chicago Board Options Exchange Market Volatility Index (VIX)” “ The Baltic Dry index” or the evolution of the 10-year U.S Treasury yields.

Mostly followed by analysts that track the US bond and currency market I would like to stress the importance of those markets worldwide as you should note that the US has the largest Domestic debt securities in the world 24.6 ($ tr) by a large margin following by Japan 11.1 ($tr) [1] and the US dollar stands for 43.4 % of average daily turnover of traditional foreign-exchange trading by current, next is the euro by 18.4% 2007 [1].




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