Will Snapchat be the next South Sea Company?

This Article was originally published on https://cifs.dk/subscriptions/ Financial bubbles are cyclical in nature, appearing and disappearing across the economic landscape and are to some extent unavoidable.  No two bursts are the same but red... Read more →

Argentina against Vulture Funds

Argentina Argentina what a beautiful country but what a terrible debt history it became to be. More seriously as many know Argentina has a long tradition of defaulting government bonds since its declared independence of 1810 with the very first... Read more →

C/ Was the Financial Crisis avoidable ?

Was the Financial Crisis of 2008 avoidable ? As the AIG Trial has officially been launched with the Ex US Treasury Timmy Geithner summoned earlier 2 weeks ago my attention is was once again headed toward this Financial Crisis 2008. Ignorance... Read more →

BR/ “naked economics” by Charles Wheelan

From what I was exposed, learning Economics from University isn’t unfortunately the best way to understand it. Sure I was presented with the classical theories of demand and supply, the effects of policy and showed to all sorts of graphs but... Read more →

S/ What is MiFid II ?

MiFid II is a major set of reforms set agreed on last January* on which the expectance is to revolutionize the European market place as we know it. Based upon MiFiD I which was set in 2004, MiFiD II should be incorporated within 2015-16 and... Read more →

The little book that beats the market

This book written by Joel Greenblatt claims to be able to beat the market. In other words that it can provide annual returns higher than most financial products available today. These are ambitious claims from an adjunct professor of Columbia... Read more →

S/ Mutual fund benchmark and alpha and beta

Numerous asset management firms offer mutual funds to the general public with different asset sizes, strategies and fees. As of 2013 there is around 1’400 mutual funds under Swiss rule  and are more or less 7’000 mutual funds from the... Read more →