Selected news about mitochondria

From  2014-2016 I collected a series of articles on molecular biology. Since I have gathered enough source material please find some of the most interesting ones I have found. As this subject might be too specific for the layman, the selected... Read more →

Donald Trump marketing tactics

As many we did not expect a golf, real-estate promoter and reality TV Star to become the republican nominee for 2016. But among the many factors contributing to the success of Donald Trump is his marketing strategy. If he eventually wins it... Read more →

Harvard Business Review – Strategy

After an long day of classes at the current business school I am attending  I was willing to find a book which would grant me the possibility to consolidate my lessons learned throughout the semester. Along that research I came across the Harvard... Read more →

Pharmaceutical disruptive innovation

This article will be an attempt to place a case that key elements for an disruptive innovation trend is occurring within the pharmaceutical industry due the latest advances of genetic analysis, editing and retrieval. Disruptive innovation... Read more →

Havard Business Review – Essentials (1/6)

“The Essentials” (10 Chapters/246 pages) For this book review I will point out the messages I found stuck out the most for each chapter read (I discussed “What is Strategy”, “Marketing Myopia” in class therefore they have been skipped) After... Read more →

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

Famed book on sociobiology publish in the late 1970’s. Built upon the legacy of Hamilton and Williams’ insights, Dawkins critically and commercially successful work on a DNA-centric view of behaviour catapulted him to prominence. Intellectual... Read more →

Argentina against Vulture Funds

Argentina Argentina what a beautiful country but what a terrible debt history it became to be. More seriously as many know Argentina has a long tradition of defaulting government bonds since its declared independence of 1810 with the very first... Read more →

“Crossing the chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore

“Crossing the chasm” is an interesting read for people that wish to understand why some high-tech startups succeed entering the mainstream market while others miserably fail. This book provides insight on what the author considers critical... Read more →
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