Donald Trump marketing tactics

As many we did not expect a golf, real-estate promoter and reality TV Star to become the republican nominee for 2016. But among the many factors contributing to the success of Donald Trump is his marketing strategy. If he eventually wins it be thanks to his brand and tactics employed.

Mr. Trump’s tactics

  • Using controversial topics to create attention : Attention is the central element to success from a marketing point of view without it all the rest is close to irrelevant. I do not believe that what he has said about Mexicans, China, Guns, … are all coming from his personal convictions (maybe some are) but are primary used as means to grab media attention (and it worked!)
  • Exposure : By Reality – TV and US tabloids in the 80’s, the American people have got to know him throughout the years. We people we tend to trust people simply by knowing more about them
  • Strong Image : Distinctive blond hair, Billionaire symbol Status (Trump tower, Private 757, … )
  • Negative sticky nicknames to eliminate adversaries : Ly’in Ted, Low-Energy Bush, Little Marco, …
  • Language : Easy words that are universally understood ; Huge, Bigly, Win, Border, Loser …
  • Language : Repetition, repetition, repetition : He keeps repeating his message of Building a Wall, making America Great again.
  • Using mental imagery : Building a Wall

Nothing revolutionary  as artists have long been known to create controversy to draw attention and powerful companies such as Apple have understood early-on the power of “simple” communication (e.g. “Think Different”) and with distinctive branding. As you can see, Donald has got our attention and it’s hard to forget who he is. This does make you reflect about your product or brand as if they have similar elements to it’s marketing strategy. People like SIMPLE messages and associations as we live in a world overload with information. I believe that the only way you’ll likely be remembered is if your message is simple, distinctive and bombarded consistently.

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